The village school celebrates National STEAM Day through MIT Challenge projects

The MIT Challenge is a partnership between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and North Anglia Education, which serves as the mother organization of the village school. The goal of the challenge is to improve the teaching and learning of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) by connecting MIT innovation and culture at North Anglia schools around the world through project-based challenges.

“The STEAM program is integrated into everything we do here at the village school,” said Bill Delbrugge, director of the village school. “When students are immersed in STEAM education, there are no silos. Teachers take an integrated approach to the curriculum, allowing students, regardless of their affinities for math, science or the fine arts, to come together and solve a relevant problem. Share STEAM and this cutting-edge collaboration with a renowned institution such as MIT is a truly empowering experience for us at The Village School. “

Students were asked to focus their projects on extreme weather conditions to help understand why in recent years we have seen an increase in hurricanes, floods, droughts, cyclones, wildfires and more. severe weather events.

MIT challenged students at the village school, citing climate change and warming ocean temperatures to wreak havoc on Earth. Scientists from MIT are determined to help find ways to save our planet and research past and present weather events to explore solutions to climate change.

“I really enjoyed working with teachers and students this year on the extreme weather challenge,” said Angel Bradford, director of innovative teaching and learning and MIT/ Global Campus Lead in the Village. “I am so impressed with the creativity and dedication of our students. The cross-functional approach used in the MIT challenge illustrates how we can help students adapt their skills and make connections between different fields in an ever-changing world. But more importantly, it illustrates the need to properly equip our students for the challenges and opportunities of the future. “

Each level (PreK-12) in different subjects was assigned various projects, each requiring a mix of science, technology, engineering, arts and math skills. From first graders creating weather reports to older kids using robots to code routes to school during flooding and even making hurricane shelters and testing them out using different wind speeds, these challenges are a great one. way to engage students in the world of STEAM and see how what they design can influence the world of tomorrow.

One of the more ambitious projects came from Village’s “Our Engineer Your World” class which built a wind tunnel to achieve hurricane speeds in a shipping container to test the completed student projects. in other classes. Students and teachers collaborated with a community expert on the design and were able to apply mathematical and engineering principles to a real life scenario on a large scale. The project also provides a future learning space for science classrooms in elementary to high school divisions to test wind, projectiles and other physics experiments.

The village school participated in MIT challenges every year since 2016. MIT Challenges offer a unique chance for every teacher and student to experience MIT. Each challenge embodies the teaching and learning culture of MIT, is rooted in the search for MIT professors and makes this research relevant and accessible to participating students.

“Our mission is to create and share high quality resources to facilitate digital and non-digital learning for K-12 students and lifelong learners,” adds Delbrugge. “By providing STEAM-based educational materials and an open forum for users to share their ideas, we aim to inspire a diverse global community of educators, students and parents to find innovative and humanistic solutions to real-world challenges. . “

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