There are currently 2 TikTok class action lawsuits in Illinois, and you may be owed money in both – NBC Chicago

Illinois residents could receive electronic payments from TikTok, thanks to two class action lawsuits filed against the state’s social media platform.

A class action lawsuit was filed in December 2019 in a northern Illinois district court by two mothers against and TikTok, alleging the platforms were collecting the personal information and viewing data of children under the age of 18. 13 years old without parental consent.

The complaint goes on to say that as a result of these “unfair” and “deceptive” marketing practices, children have been harassed online by adults.

Later that month, after several motions and a “significant discovery”, a settlement with the defendants was reached and final approval was granted, according to court documents.

Lawsuit attorneys say the settlement, which will distribute $1,100,000 to class members, is the “first of its kind.”

“The settlement,” a motion reads, “which provides compensation for the alleged unlawful collection of personal information from minor children, represents the first such settlement and is therefore a landmark settlement for privacy cases.” .

The settlement website indicates that as of August 30, 2022, all appeals have been dismissed by the court and payments have begun to be made.

But that’s not the only TikTok class action settlement in Illinois.

Yes, there is another TikTok class action settlement

Another class-action settlement filed in Illinois against TikTok alleges the video-sharing app violated both federal law and Illinois’ biometric information privacy law, with the site allegedly collecting data biometric data from users and then disclosing them to third-party companies without the consent of the persons concerned.

According to the lawsuit, the settlement will create a $92 million fund to be divided among class members.

Although a judge has approved the settlement, “it cannot become effective and settlement payments cannot be issued until all appeals have been resolved,” settlement attorneys said.

According to the settlement website, there is no estimated time frame as to how long this may take.

The deadline to file a claim in this class action was March 1, 2022.

Here’s what else we know about the settlement stemming from the December 2019 complaint.

Who is eligible for payments?

According to the settlement’s website, eligible class members must live in the United States, but are not limited to those residing in Illinois.

“If you or your child used the software application and/or TikTok while you were under 13, you may be eligible for payment,” the settlement website says.

Those unsure if they owe a payment should contact the Settlement Administrator at (833) 934-1184 or [email protected]

Can I still join the class action?


The deadline to file a claim to be part of the lawsuit was July 24, 2021. According to the lawsuit, potential members were notified to join the class action “through media postings” and on websites. and social media platforms as part of a digital advertising campaign.

How and when will payments be distributed?

According to an update posted on the settlement website on August 30, 2022, distribution has already begun.

“Settlement payments will be released within the next 2-3 weeks,” the August update read.

According to the lawsuit, the payments will be distributed electronically.

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