They have the following: the 40 under 40 in numbers

In our first special report on law firm recognition, “They’ve Got Next: The 40 Under 40”, we focused first on highlighting the many accomplishments of these 40 young lawyers, who are winners for their clients and leaders in their law firms and beyond. . But in a nod to our data-driven tradition at Bloomberg Law, we also wanted to highlight some fun facts that will give you an overview of our class – from a quick overview of practice areas and faculties. of law which have the greatest number of laureates. , where our Class 40 Under 40 is based across the country. And if you’re also curious about the most popular songs from this band’s summer playlists, (“Wheels on the Bus,” you say?) Keep reading.

Main areas of practice and law schools

The most represented law school for our 40 under 40 class is Harvard Law School, with seven laureates, followed by Cornell Law School, NYU School of Law and Yale Law School, each of which is tied with three winners. Next are Duke University School of Law, Georgetown University Law Center, UC Berkeley Law, UCLA School of Law, and University of Virginia School of Law, each tied with two laureates.

They have the following: by the numbers – The best law schools and areas of practice

Jonathan Hurtarte / Bloomberg Law

The most popular artists and songs on our award winners’ summer playlists

Many of us enjoy various genres of music. So it doesn’t seem strange that Taylor Swift ranked # 1 with Marvin Gaye among the artists the winners chose most often when we asked them, just for fun, what was on their playlists. summer musicals. (They were chosen twice each.) As for the most popular songs, we were delighted that “Wheels on the Bus” held up with “California Love” by Tupac feat. Dr. Dre. (Each of these songs was chosen twice, along with many other children’s songs. We all say hello to our young lawyer parents in the pool!)

Want to hear all the songs our inaugural class of award winners chose? Check out our Bloomberg Law Twitter account (@BLaw) to listen to our “They’ve Got Next: The 40 Under 40” summer playlist, compiled by our social media team.

We asked, they said. Here are the artists and songs that appeared most frequently on our award winners’ playlists.

Jonathan Hurtarte / Bloomberg Law

All over the United States

It’s probably not surprising to most legal observers that many of our award winners come from major legal markets – New York and Washington, DC are the home locations of 25 award winners, or nearly 63% of our pool. But over 37% of our group is based in other leading areas for legal talent, including San Francisco, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis, making for a geographically diverse pool.

A look at where the winners of “They’ve Got Next: The 40 Under 40” are based.

Jonathan Hurtarte / Bloomberg Law

Acknowledgments from the editor
In a final note on the numbers and this project, I would like to thank our Bloomberg Law press team of nearly 30 writers, graphic designers and journalists, each of whom helped launch our first special report on firm recognition. lawyers. I want to start by thanking the dynamic duo who have stepped up from the time we received the first batch of submissions until our publication: Andrew Small and Darren Bowman. Their work has been essential to our success.

Thanks also to Cesca Antonelli, our editor, who supported the idea of ​​this special project from the start. Also a lot of gratitude to a host of editors and journalists who diligently reviewed the nominees’ submissions, lending their insight and subject matter expertise. These people include: Paul Albergo, editor-in-chief; Tom Taylor, Jo-El Meyer, Heather Rothman and Rachael Daigle, chief information officers; as well as Team Leaders and Editors, Seth Stern, Keith Perine, Renee Schoof, Brent Bierman, Martha Mueller Neff, Nick Datlowe, John Crawley, Roger Yu, Rebekah Mintzer, Karl Hardy, Andrew Childers, Laura Francis, Vandana Mathur, Mike Ferullo, Molly Ward, Marissa Horn and reporter, Erin Mulvaney.

Finally, hats off to our skilled graphic designers: Nnaemeke Offodile, who created our eye-catching main graphic 40 Under 40, and Jonathan Hurtarte, who executed our 40 Q&A vision and concept art for our sidebars ” They’ve Next: By the Numbers ”and“ What Top Legal Industry Leaders Said About Our 40 Under 40 Class ”based on the central Offodile theme and our wonderfully collaborative discussions. Thank you. This project is possible thanks to all of you.
– Lisa Helem, Editor-in-Chief, Strategic Initiatives, Bloomberg Law.

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