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Students can take the test more than once until they achieve the required grades without repeating a year of high school

Public high school students in the United Arab Emirates, who were unable to join universities or other higher education institutions due to their low grades, can join the university without repeating a year of high school.

Instead, they are required to take the Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT) in specific subjects, including Arabic, Mathematics and English, to improve their scores and then join the university, according to the Commission of academic accreditation from the Ministry of Education (MoE). .

EmSAT is a national standardized computer testing system, based on the national standards of the United Arab Emirates. These online tests measure the skills and knowledge of grade 12 students as they complete general education and move on to higher education. They provide college admission and placement data to decision makers.

Dr Muhammad Yousef Baniyas, adviser for higher education and director of the Academic Accreditation Commission at the Ministry of Education, said Emaratalyoum newspaper that a number of students who had already graduated from high school had low grades, ranging from 50 to 60 percent.

They had to retake final exams and achieve the required results of over 70 percent if they wanted to join universities nationwide.

He added that the rehearsal procedure had several drawbacks, however. In particular, it represents a heavy financial burden for the student, his family and the educational institution, and forces the student to deploy more physical and psychological efforts to repeat.

Baniyas said: “The application of EmSAT was introduced as an admission requirement to give these students the opportunity to enroll in university, taking tests in three subjects in a flexible way, instead of repeating a grade. a whole year in high school. “


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He pointed out that taking the EmSAT tests is in line with the requirements for the specialization or program that every student wants to pursue at the university.

“For example, if a student wants to enter business school and their average grades don’t meet university or college requirements, they won’t repeat high school courses,” Baniyas said.

“Instead, they will take EmSAT in Mathematics, English and Arabic, in order to achieve the required grades in those subjects to pursue this major.”

Baniyas stressed that the student has the right to take the EmSAT test more than once to achieve the required grades, without having to repeat high school.

Ismail Sebugwaawo

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