Utkal University will have smart class in every department

BHUBANESWAR: One classroom in each department of Utkal University will be converted into a smart classroom. Higher Education Minister Arun Kumar Sahoo said this during the university’s 51st convocation here on Saturday.

“I have approved a proposal to convert at least one classroom in each department of this university into a smart classroom. The best quality of installation will be provided in these classrooms. The university authorities should start the work as soon as possible,” the minister said.


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Sahoo said there would be no problem in granting funds to Utkal University. “The first university can do whatever it wants for the good of the students and the institution. This university is a scout and torchbearer for others,” he added. Excluding funds from Rashtriya Uchchattar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) and the World Bank, Sahoo said, the state government has released funds of Rs 60 crore for the development of Utkal University over the past three last years. The campus boundary wall, auditorium, renovation of four hostels, and other works were carried out from the fund.

He said the existing main gate will become an exit gate and a new entrance gate will be opened from Vani Vihar Square side after clearing the encroachment.

Regarding the development of the research ecosystem, Sahoo said there is a need to guide, motivate and nurture the next generation researchers for better research and the publication of world-class papers. “Whatever the provisions of the national education policy on research, the state government has already taken steps in this direction long before the policy existed,” he added.

“A mentoring system is necessary in educational institutions for the improvement of students’ studies. It is in its initial phase. Teachers will select some students for mentorship and keep in touch with their parents. As a result, students will become more responsible towards their studies. If this is successful, many students will achieve greater heights in their studies,” the Minister of Higher Education said.

The chief guest of the function, Judge Bidyut Ranjan Sarangi, High Court Judge of Orissa, said that the contractual appointment of teachers should be changed. “If teachers are properly paid, they will definitely provide a better future for tomorrow,” he said while advising students to follow the 3Ds – discipline, dedication and devotion – to succeed.

No less than 189 academics received their doctorates on this occasion. While 98 students received gold medals in various disciplines, seven students received cash scholarships.

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