Veteran songwriter singer Bappi Lahiri dies aged 69 in Mumbai

As many as 64,656 criminal cases were recorded in Mumbai in 2021, a jump of 26% from 2020, mainly due to an increase in offenses related to the violation of Covid-19 measures, while incidents of crimes against women stood at 5,496 last year, down from 4,539 the previous year, police commissioner Hemant Nagrale said.

The overall crime detection rate in 2021 was 82%, down from 79% in 2020, the police commissioner said. According to the 2021 annual crime report, 177 offenses were recorded per day in 2021 and the number of murder cases increased by 3% compared to 2020. There was a 20% increase in property offenses in 2021, to 10,418 compared to 8,646 in 2020. 2020, he says.

The overall detection rate for crimes against women in 2021 was 79%, compared to 83% in 2020, he said. Most of the undetected cases are linked to cohabitation relationships or broken marriage promises, he said. In 2021, 4,185 kg of drugs and narcotics were seized under the NDPS Act (referred to as “NDPS property” in the report) compared to 1,127 kg in 2020 and 1,276 kg in 2019, he said.

In a bid to effectively tackle crimes against women and children, the Mumbai Police has prepared files of molesters, child sex offenders, rapists and other such criminals, the Co-Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Vishwas Nangre Patil. In many cases, the police initiated the process of mass extermination of these criminals. Among other measures, the Mumbai police have set up Nirbhaya squads to ensure the safety of women.

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