What’s going on at Eden College?

Eden College in Dhaka has recently become a topic of conversation in the country due to back-to-back violent incidents that have highlighted allegations of abuse of power by some student leaders.

The allegations include extortion, bribery, seat trading, intimidation, threats, blackmail, torture and harassment.

Although the conflict began to involve two factions of the student wing of the ruling party, the Chhatra League, it was later fueled by other anti-government political groups making a big show centering on the incident, according to people involved. in the investigation.

Chhatra League insiders said the conflict started when some incumbent Eden College leaders wanted to establish supremacy on the college campus alongside BCL University Unit President Tamanna Jasmine Riva and General Secretary Razia Sultana .

On September 22, Vice President Jannatul Ferdous gave an interview to the media, accusing the President and the General Secretary of carrying out illegal activities.

Tamanna Riva and Razia Sultana were allegedly involved in several illegal activities, including trading seats, extortion, torturing students, and taking over hostels and the canteen. They even started collecting the toll from pedestrian shops, according to Janntul and other rebel leaders in the Chhatra League unit.

Two days after the interview, on September 24, a fight took place between Jannatul and Razia when the rival group threatened them and threw Jannatul out of the college dorm.

The following day, two clashes reportedly took place at Eden College, injuring at least 12 students.

Sonali Akter, vice president of Eden College’s Chhatra League unit, motionless following the clash on campus on Sunday evening September 25, 2022 Dhaka Grandstand

Amid the clashes, some activists from the anti-government student wings like Islami Chhatri Shangstha and Islami Chhatra Shibir reportedly participated in the violence and committed acts of vandalism on the university campus.

“We do not believe that the people trampling the posters and banners, including the photo of our Father of the Nation and Party Chairperson Sheikh Hasina, are supporters of the Awami League,” said Tilottoma Shikder, Vice Chairman of the central committee of the BCL.

She is also a member of the investigation committee formed to investigate the recent incidents.

“We investigated the matter after observing three consecutive days in the compound of Eden College. We found that apart from the struggle between two Chhatra League groups, other political wings were incited to tarnish the image of the BCL and the government,” Tilottoma told the Dhaka Tribune on Sunday.

Central league Chhatra on September 25 suspended the activities of its Eden College committee following the internal clashes.

Meanwhile, 16 members have been permanently expelled for violating its regulations, says a notice signed by Chhatra League President Al Nahian Khan Joy and General Secretary Lekhak Bhattacharjee.

Amid these incidents, several social media posts have gone viral where current and former students have alleged that some students were being abused by BCL leaders from the Eden College unit.

However, pro-government activists claimed that this social media campaign was propagated by Chhatri Sangstha Islamic leader Shakera Arzu and his followers.

After the suspension order, a petition was filed with a court in Dhaka seeking its permission to file a lawsuit against eight students of Eden College Chhatra League, including its president and secretary, in relation to the aggression of Jannatul Ferdous.

The eight people are BCL Unit President Tamanna Jasmine Riva, Secretary General Razia Sultana, Nuzhat Faria Roksana, Ayesha Islam Mim, Nurjahan, Ritu Akhter, Anika Tabassum Swarna and Kamrun Nahar Jyoti.

A court in Dhaka will likely issue an order in this regard after recording the plaintiff’s statement, said Jannatul’s lawyer, Nur-e-Alam.

After the clashes, Eden College was declared closed for ten days from October 1 to October 10.

“The vacation notice was issued in accordance with the annual calendar of the Ministry of Education, and not because of clashes between some student leaders,” Supriya Bhattacharjee, head of the college, told Dhaka Tribune on Sunday.

She dismissed allegations of seat trading, extortion and torture inside the college campus, saying, “We have never received any complaints about such activities. Some people raise these issues to tarnish the image of this reputable educational institution.

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