Will the real neighbors want to get up on September 28?

Planning is almost complete. It’s almost time for residents to start throwing parties and doing good deeds for their neighbors on National Good Neighbor Day on September 28.

Some neighbors will be installing an awning in the yard in a few days, turning on the grill, and having block parties for their nearest neighbors.

With all the summer rush and a new school year underway, now is a good time of year to ask, will real neighbors please stand up?

A real neighbor understands the importance of helping when needed, sharing a cup of sugar when asked, and willingly lend a strong back or a listening ear.

A true neighbor is one who has a fireplace in their backyard and is willing to share the experience with the people who live closest to them.

A real neighbor is ready to share a conversation or a tear over a cup of freshly brewed coffee (or hot chocolate).

A true neighbor finds joy in investing in those around him and takes the time to learn and use the names of those who live near them.

A real neighbor knows the saying, “Do to others what you would like them to do to you,” and puts it into practice.

A true neighbor gives and does good deeds uninvited. (If you see that your neighbor is going through a difficult time, offer to lend a hand.)

Real neighbors understand that they don’t have to be your best friend. Some people appreciate their privacy. But real neighbors also know a smile and a wave, and knowing the names can go a long way in building a relationship.

A real neighbor keeps a tidy house and lawn. They mow regularly and maintain their garden. They take the clutter out of the yard at the end of the day. And they avoid too much exterior decoration like cars and machines that don’t work.

A real neighbor knows the importance of being a quiet neighbor. They don’t mow their lawns at seven in the morning, don’t honk their horns every time they walk into the driveway, keep their music on after 9 p.m. – you get the gist.

Neighborhood is an opportunity to be grateful to those who live closest to us, a chance to be a blessing and an opportunity to receive.

Being a kind and engaged neighbor can bring out the best in each of us. The good that resides in humanity boils when neighbors form mutual relationships of help and support, kindness and understanding.

A true neighbor lives the advice to “love your neighbor” every day.

If you want a friendlier neighborhood or community, you start out by being the change you want to see. This change begins with choices about our time and tasks. A real neighbor is loose on his time and schedule.

This year more than any other, we must remember that good neighbors help create good neighborhoods and vibrant communities.

We need real neighbors and what they can do for us. I hope your family has a real neighborly relationship during National Good Neighbor Week and finds the love, kindness and friendship right next door.

National Good Neighbor Day is September 28. In Greene County, the celebration will run from September 26 to October 2 and includes a “1,000 Neighborhood Acts” challenge. Find out how you can win a prize or reward at http://extension.missouri.edu and take advantage of the holiday to start developing relationships with your neighbors.

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