With $5 million from the Herb Alpert Foundation, UCLA will introduce state-of-the-art music practice rooms

Thanks to a $5 million commitment from the Herb Alpert Foundation, the practice rooms at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music Schoenberg Music Building are poised to be tuned to perfection.

The 46 practice rooms have not been fully renovated since their construction in 1955. They will be renovated to state-of-the-art specifications, including improved acoustics, modern LED lighting and hard-wired Wi-Fi. Construction is expected to begin this summer, and the renovated venue will bear the name Imagination Hall, in homage to the scope of musical creativity it will foster.

“Practice rooms are the spaces in which to incubate; that’s where the magic happens,” said Herb Alpert, the legendary musician, music executive and philanthropist who, along with his wife, Lani Hall, has given more than $40 million through the Herb Alpert Foundation to support UCLA.

For musicians, practice is, of course, the key to technical and artistic mastery, and practice rooms are the basis of any musical program.

The Herb Alpert School of Music brings together jazz, classical performance, musicology and ethnomusicology. As such, Imagination Hall will foster opportunities for students to connect with each other, create and experiment. renovations will ensure a thriving music ecosystem to engage and inspire learners.

“The entire educational experience of the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music will be profoundly transformed by the high-quality, acoustically designed foundational spaces made possible through the continued philanthropic leadership of the Herb Alpert Foundation,” said Eileen Strempel, the dean of the school. “This generous gift is another inspiring demonstration of Herb Alpert’s deep commitment to supporting and fostering the creativity of future generations of artists. We are honored to announce this gift and celebrate his birthday on the same day.

Courtesy of the Herb Alpert Foundation

Alpert Grass

Alpert has long been recognized as a leader in music and the arts. In addition to winning nine Grammy Awards, he received the National Medal of Arts in 2012. And in 2017, he received the UCLA Medal, which honors those whose achievements embody UCLA’s highest ideals.

The Herb Alpert Foundation made possible the UCLA School of Music. His A $30 million gift enabled UCLA to establish the school of music as a stand-alone entity in 2007; it is the first and only school of music in the University of California system. The foundation’s other recent gift to UCLA includes $3 million to renovate a Schoenberg Music Building theater, now named Lani Hall, as well as all major ensemble halls. Alpert said he hopes to inspire the wider community to join him in honoring and supporting the diverse musical traditions represented through the school.

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