Your Study Path launches school in the pocket with a quiz contest for students

At a time when content is king and education is key, Your Study Path has found a way to create top-notch educational content for young Nigerians who need education to be able to tap into the opportunities the country has to offer.

Your Study Path has developed a higher level form of online learning called “Study Fusion”.

The “Study-Fusion” is an exclusive learning method that fuses the traditional teaching method using whiteboards with modern presentation styles that include animations, 3D visuals and even documentary-style videos that ensure that the Learning is just as impactful as it is fun for the learner. As the modern era evolves, your study journey will also evolve in the way the world views teaching and learning. Through our student-friendly app interface, users have access to a one-of-a-kind library of content that adapts to each student’s behavior and provides them with a learning experience tailored to their needs. Your study journey aims to become the largest learning ecosystem in Africa and the world, one step at a time.

At Your Study Path, it’s the student first and that’s why alongside our live videos, we plan to offer our offline tablets, preloaded with videos for students in remote locations that don’t may not have access to the internet, in this way we are taking a step forward in creating a Nigeria that provides inclusive and affordable education to young people from different backgrounds and classes. We are bridging the gap in the quality of learning and tutoring across Africa.

Education is a continuous process and is also constantly evolving. That’s why students have access to the constantly updated library of content. Nor does the learning and teaching stop at the Your Study Path team, with over 5000 questions, the database and resources will help students practice and also contribute to their success and are a step forward towards global educational inclusion. All these resources are now available on the Your Study Path platform accessible via your web browser on Resources are immediately available upon registration, with additional access provided once the subscription, which can be monthly, quarterly or annually, is made.

Your Study Path partners with Liberty Pay in our efforts to improve the quality of learning in Nigeria and beyond. Liberty Pay is a digital payment solutions institution passionate about bridging the divide in all economic spheres. They seek to bring financial freedom and freedom by filling the payments void in commercial sectors in areas with limited internet or reliable electricity ranging from nano-micro businesses to SMEs and personal finance.

Liberty Pay and Your Study Path share the same passion for innovation and technology. They share a passion for empowerment, especially young Nigerian teenagers. They seek access to resources that can give them the education and visibility they need to carve out a future for themselves, their families and their country.

These two partners understand the need to empower students across the country, which is why they run the largest online quiz competition in Nigeria called INTELLECTUS; this initiative aims to test the knowledge of pupils aged 13 to 17 in mathematics, English and in general. The first phase of the competition will take place on 17e from September 2022 at 12 p.m. on the Your Study Path platform, After the exam, the top 10 students will undergo a physical evaluation at Your Study Path headquarters. The top three (3) entrants will be selected and awarded cash prizes.

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The prizes to be awarded to the top winners will be valued at NGN 250,000 for 1st position, NGN 150,000 for 2nd position and NGN 100,000 for 3rd position. Participation in the competition is subject to the student’s registration and subscription to the Your Study Path platform, with the first 50 students registered on the YSP platform benefiting from a 100% discount on their first payment, thanks to Liberty Pay.

Your Education Journey and Liberty Pay Understand that children are our hope for a better future in this ever-changing world. They make it a priority to play their part in preserving this future by investing in children and young people, reaching out to students to give them the best form of education and motivating them with financial support to help them in their quest for knowledge, click HERE to learn more about INTELLECTUS.

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